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MBA巡展十大提问 [复制链接]

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如果你不知道在The MBA Tour中该向招生官员提什么问题,那你可以尝试以下BeBeyond提供的十个提问。这些提问不仅能够帮助你获得有价值的答案,甚至能够让你和招生官员进行一次愉快的交谈。

Q1: Could you describe to me what is like for a Chinese student studying and living in your campus and your program?

Q2: Do you school provide financial aid to admitted students? What is the policy or resources your school has to assist the admitted students financially?

Q3: What’s your general impression on Chinese students? Can you recall those admitted student and what kind of qualities did they impress you?

Q4: How many Chinese students do you admit from mainland China in the recent years? Does the number change much from year to year?

Q5: Your school is known for its strength in XX (aspects, finance for an example). Does it mean the majority of applicants are come from xxx background/industry? Or is the school inclined to admit students with xx background? What’s the proportion of the students with xx background to other students without it?

Q6: Discuss with the officers the features of certain schools. Invite them to tell some stories or give an example.

Q7: If I am seeking an MBA because I expect a career change from my current path. How do you think an MBA at your school may help me? Or do you have concerns to admit a student who wants a career transfer?

Q8: From previous graduated students from xx B-school, what do they find most valuable part of the two-year MBA study at xxx?

Q9: What is the job placement of your MBA graduates in the past 3~ 5 years? Which Industries or type of companies did they join in?

Q10: For many MBA students, networking is one important part they seek from an MBA education, in addition to the knowledge and skills they will learn. May I know what are the events, opportunities or resources a XX MBA student can utilize when he is at school and after graduation?


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