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【Review】 09.8.23 10th BEC By Sylvia [复制链接]

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发表于 2009-8-28 10:03:01 |显示全部楼层

Attendee:  FrancesQ, Sara, Wendy, Janny, Sylvia
Host:  Janny
Timer: Frances
Prepared speech: Janny

Venue: Bebeyond 办公室 新址  中关村大厦

General review:
I should say that is my first time to BEC and early arrived as well.. *.~
I should say it's a brand new start-up club, but it has high potential to be bebeyond.

Say Hi

我们的新人:Wendy 研二的材料学,即将是Bby 9月班学员。
                        Sara  令人印象深刻的是辞职再就业的经历转变。
                       Sylvia 也就是本人,我啦。08.1月学员,毕业1年,外企总经理办公室助理。

Ice break

Rules: say something abt yourself, prepare 4 sentences, the one which does'nt go with you, would be picked out.  
so listen smart!


I should say compared with self-introduction, it likely to join in with us all.

For the English practising, I realize when we read out our words, the structure is too simplex , simple is good, but it may benefit from collecting some useful phraze and enrich  vocabulary

Everyone will be assigned to pick up a topic prepared by others.

当天,我呢,不幸被点中首当其冲地作这个环节,my topic is What's my dream job.
(typical question raised from bbyer..anyway, if do it again, the speech could be organized better.)

FQ同学答了what book are you reading recently.., you like it or not?
we get to know she is fond of art and calligraphy.

Sara's topic : what's your biggest failure, and how do you conquer it ?
We are glad to hear her career change and expericence the mood ajustion.

Wendy talked abt what her most challenge she faced.
and we wish she would get a good job in shanghai.

Prepared Speech
Janny gave us a presentation of FMCG, such as its features, Industry insight and Key factor.


Personal suggestion as belw.
1.Invite more VIP as our guest, just like the expatriates living and working in sh, maybe your teacher, or even your college exchange students.

2.Invite more Experts as our evalutors.
If we could find the intrepreter or english trainer, that would be good points.

3.Extend more guest outside Bby.
Try some other well-know English learning  BBS for PR.
like Hujiang and touban.


Actually, I'm not that confident of my english speaking, but I'm willing to witness BEC grow from a baby to a giant!
I call it from Zero to Hero.

Wish BEC get better and better!

PS. 大家专注讨论得忘食,之后一起聚餐也聊到做事心态,so English club here is more than English!

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