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The.Power.of.Impossible.Thinking [复制链接]

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Are you having trouble making a needed transformation?
Are you stuck in your career?
Is your organization stalled in its progress?
Are you lagging behind competitors in innovation?
Are you having trouble making your diet
and exercise program work?
Are you overwhelmed by information?
It could be that you need to change your mental models.
Transforming your mental models can help you think impossible
thoughts and overcome the barriers to change in your life,
work and society. This book will show you how.

It’s almost midnight.
You are walking down a dark city street toward your car parked several
blocks away, when you hear footsteps behind you. You don’t turn around, but
you quicken your pace. You remember a news story from a few weeks ago
about a robbery at knifepoint in the neighborhood. Your pace quickens. But
the footsteps behind you are also moving very quickly.
The person is catching up to you.
At the end of the block, under the street lamp, the steps are immediately
behind you. You turn suddenly. You recognize the familiar face of one of your
colleagues, heading to the same parking lot. With a sigh of relief, you say
hello, and you and he continue on your way together.

What just happened?
The reality of the situation didn’t change at all, but the instant you
recognized the face of your colleague, the world in your mind was
transformed. The image of the pursuing attacker was transformed into that
of a friend. How could so little have changed in the situation, yet so much
have changed in the way you viewed it?
First of all, you had created a complete picture of what was happening
based on a tiny bit of information—the sound of footsteps behind you at
night. From this mere suggestion, you drew upon memories of news stories of
crimes, together with your personal fears and experiences, to conjure up an
image of a potential attacker. You changed your actions based on this
assessment of the situation, walking faster to escape an assailant. This
could be a great survival instinct, but in this case, you were fleeing an
assailant who did not exist.
Then, just as quickly, in the flash of the street lamp, you gained a little more
information—and the entire picture shifted. In a split second, you
recognized the face of a colleague—again based on the vaguest hints. You
didn’t take time to stare or think deeply about it. There might have been
other possibilities in the situation. Could the person have been an assailant
wearing a mask to look like your colleague? Could your colleague be an
assailant? These possibilities were so remote that you didn’t consider them,
and by the time you thought through them, you might be dead. You saw the
face, and the footsteps quickly switched categories from “foe” to “friend.”
Only a small part of this drama happened on the sidewalk. Most of it was
created within your own mind.
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