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Eighx小队--采访外教Michael [复制链接]

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地点: KFC-来福士-人民广场

采访对象: 财大外教Michael



He have been living in Shanghai for 5-years (September 2004-present). And throughout this time he have been working as an English instructor at universities and colleges or as a business English trainer at various international companies as well as for various training companies.

His educational background and previous US work experience was centered on business and manufacturing. He earned a Mechanical Engineering BS degree as well as an MBA from reputable New York universities. And he have worked for major companies, such as General Electric, as well as a startup company so he understand how large and small corporations need to operate to be successful.
Thus, his trainees benefit greatly from his rich business working experience and practical knowledge.


2月20日,由于我是坐公交车去人民广场,怕堵车迟到,所以很早就出发了,在学校周围的打印店都还没开门(采访提纲虽然已经手抄了一份,但还是打印比较好),只好先去人民广场了。9点17分到达人民广场,首先找到Michael说的Raffles city,Fuzhou Road的大门(之前电话联系的时候完全搞不清楚这家是什么店,后来问了同学才知道是“来福士”),然后在福州路附近找打印店,很幸运小巷子里有。早上在公交车上突然想到应该买点礼物,于是和周琳商量了一下。早上店铺大多没开,幸好前一天我就在逛人民广场,知道地铁站下面有条香港街,于是下去碰碰运气,有家店刚开门,有“海宝”卖。于是买了一只“海宝”娃娃。




Q1.You have been in China for many years, and you have visit numerous places of interest in China, what do you think are different from America and China, about people, culture, live, and so on?

MichaelI can speak for an hour. So what I decide to do is to narrow down to only 4 aspects.
a) In China, you live a simple life. You are happy with a little, you think enough is OK. I didn’t see the push we have in America. In America, we always want the top and give everything to get to the top.
b) You focus mostly on your family in China, but we focus on money in America. In China, you have more family-oriented concept of life, while in America everyone is struggling and pushing to be number one. In America, we just want more. You can feel this a little in Shanghai, but not in Nanjing as well as Guangzhou.
c) In China, you seem to have a time for everything, like a time for you to sturdy, and then there is a time for you to start your career, and then there is a time for you to get married. Everything seems to be very systematic. But in America, we do all almost in the same time. We seek happiness. If we find Something we really like, we just do! For example, devoice.
d) You need to ask your parents” is this a good boy?” “Can I marry this boy?” In America, we just marry.

Q2.We believe that live in America is affluent for an American, Why do you leave for China? You said you come to China for 3 reasons, so say something about these please.

He comes to China for 3 reasons. One is getting married, because he was tired of being alone. Second is to learn Chinese culture. In the world, people don’t see China is being so strong, but his Chinese friends in America are always very pride for being Chinese. So he is wondering why, and comes to China. Number three is to come here to have business.  

Q3.Do you believe that you are successful due to having done the 3 aims in China? Are you happy now? Have you ever regretted for coming to China? Why?

Success is that you set a goal, and you reach the goal. In this meaning, he is successful. However, he believes that for his business, it is not so well in America now, it is go well in China in the first step, and he is sure it will be well in the next step. Just give him more time.
No regret. There is much you can’t see. You just feel it. China teaches you a lot.

Q4.I was a student in your English class last term. In the first class, I remember that you said you have done 5 different jobs at that time. We were all interested in how you can manage that. Why do you make yourself so tired? How do you manage your time to prepare these totally different jobs? What acquisition do you get for each job? Do you pride for these?

Michael:I have many jobs but most of them are related. Business training is someone different. I teach managers how westerner think. However, teaching students English, teaching them how to success and making students more aware of themselves are the things that I can create lessons once and use to several places.

I have schedule in advance. I will think what have to do next week for Monday ,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Make sure thing get done on time. And put trivial things into free time. That is the same as you do your homework. You do your Wednesday homework at Tuesday evening. I feel I am like a machine.Everything is based on time but not on when I have done.

Don’t waste your time on thinking about how to do something. If you can’t sit there and do it, don’t do. You just do, like taking an exam. Except creating.

Focus is important too. You first do want you want to do, and give a lot to do the things. Go to bed early in the night because your energy is down, and you can’t focus. Get up early in the morning for the same reason. I get up at 2 a.m.

Team working is another method. It can save time and get more information because everyone has his/her own idea for one thing.

You do something once and you use them to several places. For example, teaching.

Q5.The last question: how do you define the word successful? What advice would you like to give our young students?

The definition has already answered in Q3.
He would like to give us some advice:
a) Search for the true meaning of the life. It goes deep. Find something happiness. Not just find a job.
b) Talk about
sacrifice. Giving things.
c) Listening to the silence. Reading the signs. The signs means it's time to do something.
d) Control your emotions and don’t hate people. Hating things can’t lead to success.
e) Life is up and down, like Y=sinX.


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