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Eighx小队--采访巴斯夫亚太区销售经理 [复制链接]

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访问对象:上海巴斯夫应用化工有限公司 亚太区销售经理 ANDY FONG


       1. Among all the things you have done in the university, what is the most meaningful or helpful to your whole life from your point of view?
ANDY: Yes, there are many things done during my University life in Singapore. The most meaningful is the Industrial Attachment (IA). I am not sure whether China had the same system in Singapore, where we will need to work 6 month in the society. You will have a chances to be interviewed and work for the the company. For me, i worked as an aircraft software engineer. This is the time where i can see air plane landing and taking off (in front of my face) etc. This is also a chance for me to use what i had learn in school and applied to my working life.

       2. What is your first job? What kind of abilities have you got through it? Could you show me some examples?
ANDY: I worked and studied during my University period. To be honest, It is really tough! This experience also prepared me to my 1st job, as an technologist engineer in a semiconductor company. My abilities are simple, applied what you have learn, but looking at all directions....

       3. How many years have you been working for BASF? What is your current position in BASF and how do you achieve it? What have you gained most from the position? Could you show me some examples?
ANDY: I will consider working at BASF for 5 years. My current position is Manager - Asia Pacific. I am sure that you heard  from others that i worked very hard. To be direct, I worked while i am on the plane and in even in late night. This is the best time, as there is nobody calling me, also there is no incoming email... Remember,  work smart!!

       4. What was your biggest difficulty or bottle-neck while working in BASF? How did you overcome it?
ANDY: My biggest difficulty and challenge was to fight for something that i believe  is right for the company, my customer and my staff reporting to me, and not just listen from my boss. It is hard and remember "nothing is impossible".

       5. I have heard that you have been a member of the board in BASF, so what is your main responsibility? How did you catch the opportunity to make your step into the board?
ANDY: I am not a board member in BASF. BASF is a big chemical company, with 120000 employee worldwide and their annual sales turnover is about 60 Billion Euro. I responsible for a department (BU) in BASF, known as temperature Sensing.

       6. What is your future plan for your life and career? How will you define the word 'success'?
ANDY: My next plan is to become Snr Manager/ Director in BASF. This mean that i will responsible not only 1 business unit but afew business Unit (BU). My feeling toward success is to have WBL (Work Balance Life), which i had not achieved. This is why i mentioned to you on the phone that i am not success man. Nevertheless, i am happy to share my view toward success to you. Pls remember these 3 statements...

1) Listen
2) Keep Promise
3) Work hard and smart.


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1) Listen
貌似Michael也提到了。  外国人也很重视这个哦
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