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Tibet Travel Notes - One: Back to Lhasa [复制链接]

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发表于 2006-7-17 03:55:33 |显示全部楼层
Standing in the territory of Tibet, the top of the world, is my lifelong dream. Finally, I made it!

Thanks to the Government for building up the Qinghai-Tibet railway, making Tibet's economy bloom in the future. It's really a great and meaningful contribution. For a desired traveler, however, it may become a disaster - thousands of passengers everyday, noise, crowd, living garbages... Selfish perhaps but it will definitely cause environmental pollution and even permanent damage. Tibet might fade her original glory and lose her virginity, becoming mundane and common. That's why we decided our agenda from June 22, 2006, 9 days before the railway construction is finished. Touch Tibet before it is touched.

Getting things done is not easy. As it said, 工欲善其事,必先利其器. waterproof冲锋衣,冲锋裤,抓绒裤,dry-quickly and anti-ultraviolet shirt and hat, Gore-tax shoes, UV400 sun glasses, sun block, and even anti-ultraviolet lipstick (for girls)... Oh, I almost forget, the damn flight ticket, only Air China has the line and not any discount.

With a 50-litre North Face knapsack full of my enjoyment and longing, I started the adventure with my brave girl and other 2 energetic guys Although the lunch in the flight was kind of like garbage, and the stewardess are not as charming as I expected, I was really addicted to the scenery outside the window. Switching close to the window to see the cloud stepped below our feet, and the flight sliding across the peaks of the mountains. And we cannot help ourselves killing our films. But later we knew, we should save more of our films to record more splendid scenery in the coming days.

After 4-hour flight plus about 40-minute stay in Chengdu, we finally landed. From the sky I at last knew what the blue really means. Lhasa, the holy land having repeatedly sprung in my dreams, I came, or, I backed...

To be continued...

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发表于 2006-7-17 04:05:44 |显示全部楼层

RE: Tibet Travel Notes - One: Back to Lhasa

You've covered the travel of dreamland

Take care,cos most of my friends have told to me that If i wanna step onto the land of Tibet, do physical exercises a lot....

And do not argue with Tibetan, cos they are said to be "no argument, but duel"

adoring you....envious of you... you have been to Tibet

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发表于 2006-7-17 04:17:13 |显示全部楼层

RE: Tibet Travel Notes - One: Back to Lhasa

Yeah, the Tibet is a place worthy to go. It surely will not make you feel disappointed. But to be honest, proper PE is ok coz if you do a lot, you will need more Oxygen as well. As for the Tibetans, most of them are very nice and simplehearted, not as unreasonable and rude as we might thought before:)

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发表于 2006-7-17 14:07:30 |显示全部楼层

RE: Tibet Travel Notes - One: Back to Lhasa

I once went to a tibetan restaurant in New York. Damn, their food is ugly. That milk tea didn't work to me, little stinky. I really want to go to Tibet and try the food and tea there. Might be worse but definitely want to one day step on that land and feel the closeness between god and me.

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发表于 2006-7-17 17:02:36 |显示全部楼层

RE: Tibet Travel Notes - One: Back to Lhasa

in view of boring of the life we feel,travel is one best way we can relax ourself and enjoy the nature landscape.I very admire you,you can have good chance and enough time to go for the tibet.An old proverb says:"when you have enough money ,not the time for traveling." what's a pity!

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发表于 2006-7-18 19:18:45 |显示全部楼层

RE: Tibet Travel Notes - One: Back to Lhasa

Oh, fiser. You forget to mention the unique toilet in Lhasa. It's natural and delicated designed. Tell us the thrilling exprience about the toilet on the cliff.
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