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Nexans (China) Internship Oppotunity [复制链接]

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发表于 2011-10-13 10:33:24 |显示全部楼层
Nexans(China) Wires & Cables 招聘以下岗位实习生

QA Engineer 质量工程师/QA Lab Engineer实验室工程师

要求就是应届本科或研究生吧(2012),因为岗位设置还是希望能毕业留用的。觉得自己有兴趣就就pm我吧 或者发简历到以下邮箱


我把JD发下 可以看下

QA Engineer 质量工程师

1. Responsible for dealing with customer complaint, 8D report issue and followup correction action included.
2. Responsible for continuing quality improvement in reduced internal defect,customer claim and quality cost
3. Supporting compile FMEA, control plan and quality control procedure
4. Support to maintenance and improvement of QMS (quality management system)
5. Other work assigned by department.

QA Lab Engineer实验室工程师


- Responsible for daily quality control to ensure testing method and procedurefor good quality performance, report quality findings about raw materials,semi-product or final product on time.

- Assist QC supervisor dealwith customer complaint, follow up correction action and provide relatedreport.

- Prepare and update testingequipment instruction, deliver testing method or equipment training toinspector.

- Monitor and follow up new RMand product serial test, report the testing analysis and take action as testingplan.

- Assist QC supervisorinitiate, organize and follow up quality improvement project, work with otherdepartment to meet the objectives.

- Other work assigned bydepartment.

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发表于 2012-4-14 12:28:49 |显示全部楼层
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