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《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:西北大学商学院 host by Lynn [复制链接]

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发表于 2007-10-5 11:18:26 |显示全部楼层
Dear all,

Lynn, one of our former teammates and now studying at Kellogg, told us a few weeks ago that she is willing to chat with our current teammates through some chatroom software. However, Freeman has been busy with marriage ceremony so...

So, I suggest that Lynn help answer questions about Kellogg here at the forum. For the general questions, she will answer here, and for the private questions, especially for those who are applying to Kellogg, Lynn can give additional help either though phone or email or through us. So, let's filter out the general questions here first at the forum.

You can get her email address or even phone number later from JuanJuan, Wei, and/or me.

Thanks to Lynn!

By the way, KFC met Lynn at Kellogg just 2 days ago.

So, guys, just ask your questions about Kellogg by replying to this message.

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发表于 2007-10-6 16:53:10 |显示全部楼层

RE: Help from Kellogg BeBeyond Alumni

Thanks Jinbo.
Hi Lynn,
This is James from BBY. Congratulations to your admittance by Kellogg (wow!) and appreciate if you can answer some of my questions:

1. How do you like the location and campus landscape like at Kellogg, and how do you think of the business school buildings and facilities?

2. Do you think it is possible to get a venture capital / private equity job (as a former I-banker) at Kellogg and if yes what opportunities are there?

3. How many Chinese students were admitted this year and what are their backgrounds?

4. I am thinking about one essay "what leadership areas are you hoping to develop through your MBA at Kellogg". If you were to summarize the leadership experiences in a few lines, what would they be?

Thanks a lot for your kind help!


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发表于 2007-10-8 01:21:21 |显示全部楼层

RE: Help from Kellogg BeBeyond Alumni

Hey James,

Hope everything goes well. Try to answer your questions here.

1. Kellogg mainly has two buildings, Allen center and Jacobs center. As a regular MBA, you will spend almost all your time at Jacobs. It by no means is fancy. But all facilities are good yet convenient. As for location, it takes an hour to go to Chicago downtown by CTA. However, Evanston is a great small town to live in. The campus of Northwestern is really beautiful. I will try to share some picture later.

2. Kellogg MBA Class2007 has 5% people went to PE (Buyout and VC). One of two students coming directly from China mainland went to PE. She is also a Bebeyond alumnus.

However, high percentage of MBA student wants to do PE, while fewer job available. Kellogg is difinite in the trend. Yesterday, the boot camp on PE/VC just started. It is not only for students with interest on PE, not also those interested in entrepreneurship, banking and consulting.

Most PE jobs are recruited through network instead of campus. I was told that if a PE firm wants to post a job in bschool, it will post at least all the M7 schools. From my experience of getting invitation from PE firms in China, the clam is true.

For IB experience, I am not sure it will be a big advantage since different firm wants different experience. VC may value entrepreneur and high-tech product management experiences more. Buyout value banking and consulting. But, currently buyout market is on-hold since the market correction of August.

3. This year we have 8 students (including one in 1Y) directly from China mainland (Two from consulting, one from sourcing, one from pharma trading, one from financial service, one from FMCG, two from IT)

4. I do not think sharing my understanding about leadership is a good way to help. I will try to share my leadership experience and learning at Kellogg.

At Kellogg, I think I am convinced that leadership can be taught. Sure, it also depends on how well you can take advantage of chances provided by school to practice when learning. Kellogg is a school promoting team leadership.That means you need to get a team census to move forward. For me, team census is a nightmare because I care efficiency a lot and also because I speak a foreign language. But in this process, I suffered, and I learnt. I thought that I knew how important team goals and objectives were. But I shocked when I saw the 1000 times difference between with and without a goal. I was amazed when my team can finished the work I expect need us to do 2 weeks within 2 days.

(To be continued)

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发表于 2007-10-8 08:55:59 |显示全部楼层

RE: Help from Kellogg BeBeyond Alumni

Lynn, I learned a great deal from your post! I am especially interested in and surprised at the leadership experience you mentioned in your last paragraph. How amazing is that!

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发表于 2007-10-8 11:03:58 |显示全部楼层

RE: Help from Kellogg BeBeyond Alumni

Lynn, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us. Can you elaborate on the boot camp on PE/VC a bit, is it for all students, under which club? And looking forward to seeing the campus photos when you got time. Thanks!


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发表于 2007-10-9 11:48:18 |显示全部楼层

RE: Help from Kellogg BeBeyond Alumni

Try to give a brief answer here. Kellogg has a club named PEEK, focusing on PE/VC and enterpreneurship. This year, PEEK host the boot camp for PE/VC for all students (including part-time). For detailed information, you can go the club website. If you cannot find it, please let me know.

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发表于 2007-10-9 17:54:36 |显示全部楼层

RE: Help from Kellogg BeBeyond Alumni

Thanks Lynn. Got it.

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发表于 2007-10-12 22:37:44 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:西北大学商学院 host by Lynn

Questions on the essays:
1. most essays are to be "one to two pages double-spaced", which means about 500 words. Is there much space to exceed this limit? Can I turn the characters into very small ones?

2. in your own opinion, does Kellogg give any preference to personal or professional side of an applicant?

Thanks le.


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发表于 2007-10-13 13:24:10 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:西北大学商学院 host by Lynn


1. I discourage you use front less than 10pt. Be considerate for your readers. They are also people, not computer, right?
2. I do not see any preference on students' professional background at Kellogg. But for personal side, Kellogg is a school encouraging fun and team leadership. My feeling is that if you are a person knowing when to lead while when to be led; and when to work hard while when to play hard, Kellogg will be the the school fiting you.

Good Luck!

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发表于 2007-10-13 13:48:44 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:西北大学商学院 host by Lynn

Dear Lynn,

Here is Steven from 0307 in Shanghai.

Just wanna to say millions of thanks for your sharing here. Insightful and illustrative.
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