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《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:Emory大学商学院 host by Jinran [复制链接]

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发表于 2007-10-5 12:03:39 |显示全部楼层
Hi all,

I am a 1st year in Emory now. Just feel free to ask every question that you think will help you for your understanding this school better. I would like to help.

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发表于 2007-10-5 12:04:55 |显示全部楼层

RE: Help from Emory

Jinran, thanks!

Post your blog here to let people enjoy your wonderful writing. -:p

And, to our current Workshop teammates, Jinran is the guy I admire! He is the man!

Thanks for the help, Jinran!


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发表于 2007-10-7 22:56:19 |显示全部楼层

RE: Help from Emory

Big welcome, Jinran!
This is Aeroplane who's doing the website related work at BeBeyond. I would love to have you as our future blog writer! Can I have your msn or email to talk more with you?


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发表于 2007-10-16 13:41:48 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:Emory大学商学院 host by Jinran

An MTV about Emory to share with all of you


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发表于 2008-1-15 05:10:32 |显示全部楼层
Dear tangjinran,
I will go to interview with Emory days later. Could you give me some tips?eg what qualities this school is looking for?what's its uniqueness? what to ask about? etc.Lots of Thanks

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发表于 2008-1-27 20:31:20 |显示全部楼层

Hi Jinran,
Could you share us anything to let us know more about Emory? I heard that Emory students are all very nice. Thanks!

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发表于 2012-5-14 10:56:22 |显示全部楼层
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