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《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:芝加哥商学院 host by Qiqi [复制链接]

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发表于 2007-11-9 13:48:48 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:芝加哥商学院 host by Qiqi

Just read Michelle's great threads and talk sth about the methodology here.

Basically, there are two distinctive methodology in b-school: HBS's renowned case method (apple-polishing again) and Chicago's principle based one.

That methodology is by no means lecturing all the theories. But rather, you master some principles and know how to apply them anywhere. The class time is always easy for us (benchmark: HBS) but after class ....tough! You have to figure out how to use those principles to solve real problems. Say economics (anyway..I'm in Chicago): we are challenged to explain from the U.S tax structure to sth like "why pig is safer than whales". Then push over to other fields: you can take nearly any course based on economics in GSB: finance, operations, strategies and even marketing! You learn how to deal all those issues using the same principle you learned at economics. Have a feeling of the principle based method? The same to regression and accounting, the three foundemental classes.

Then when you walk out of GSB, you know how to use these principles to solve any problems. Not necessarily can you meet everything in the past cases (Michelle...owe you a beer...), but you know how to create sth.

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发表于 2007-11-20 11:18:12 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:芝加哥商学院 host by Qiqi

Today I worked as a volunteer to talk with applicants before their interview at GSB. Everyone was nervous. And I found the same atmosphere here.

A year before, I was just in your shoes. I applied 5 schools but no interview invitation within a long time. But I never got depressed. I felt bad sometimes but I was far better than many of my workshop classmates. Yes, I desired to succeed, to pay off my efforts and to realize my dream. And waiting was painful. But I just kept asking myself a same simple question:

What I get and lose in this process?

I got so much: a deep understanding of myself, how to package myself and so many good friends, Jinbo and wei. I never regret. That's sth my life long treasury.

I lost nearly nothing: less time for TV/Poker/Dating....

That simple question keep me peaceful and resiliant. When MBA offer works something extra, I steered myself. And I never let any chance go by.

The same thing repeats here in GSB. Every day people get anxious about the invitations from companies. And I guess there will be more so in the future. Life is long journey and to navigate, you see far in the horizon.

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发表于 2007-11-20 14:29:27 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:芝加哥商学院 host by Qiqi

Hi guys. I am a first year at GSB as well. In addition to what qiqi said above, GSB is very China-freindly. We just finishe our 2007 Asia Deep Dive conference last weekend, and the Polsky Entrepreneurship Center here is looking forward to expanding its footprint in China by hosting some entrepreneurial internship soon.

Feel free to let us know any quiry or concern. Good luck!

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发表于 2007-11-20 16:07:16 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:芝加哥商学院 host by Qiqi

Thanks a lot, Viva and Qiqi.

GSB is defintely one of the first-in-class. My concern is that i'm not finance background, though i did pretty well in my undergraduate accounting class and corporate finance. But my 4-year working experience is in FMCG....

You two are both finance background right? How does the quantitative approach work in GSB? Upon your observation, how does the non-finance background applicant/student do in GSB?

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发表于 2007-11-21 01:31:50 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:芝加哥商学院 host by Qiqi

Actually, there are more non-finance background students than finance ones in GSB. And most of the applicants I met yesterday are with no finance background. So don't worry!

Actually the flexibility of the curriculum here can accomodate your needs. The curriculum here could help you to prepare for a career switch to banking, mutual fund, sales and trading and other finance related career. The professors here is world class and they could introduce you into the realm of finance easily. If you want to challenge yourself, you are sure to get many quantitative classes. But it just depends on your personal choice.

However, if you are interested in other jobs, you can easily design the curriculum for yourself. The school has good courses in Entrepreneurship, Strategy, General Management and Marketing etc.

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发表于 2007-12-5 00:05:30 |显示全部楼层

panel discussion by GSB first year

There will be a panel discussion by GSB first year student on December 20 in Shanghai. It is a opportunity for you to learn about GSB and hook up with current students there. The students' background includes consulting, finance and industry. If you are interested, please RSVP at The event is initiated by GSB first year student.

[ 本帖最后由 qiqi1918 于 2007-12-5 00:57 编辑 ]

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发表于 2007-12-20 23:43:56 |显示全部楼层
Hi, Qiqi and viva:

Nice to meet you here. Actually, I want to learn more about GBS. Would you please talk about the most special thing in GBS, for example the teaching style or the community? What is the best that GBS brings to you? How does GBS differentiate from other B-school? Moreover, does GBS welcome young students like with two year experience?(I heard from one of my friends in US that GBS has a very strict  constriction on working experience. Is it true?)

Thank you very much for your help :)

[ 本帖最后由 Hello,Michelle 于 2007-12-20 23:53 编辑 ]

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发表于 2007-12-26 09:20:15 |显示全部楼层
Michelle, you can find some of the answer to your questions in our previous threads and if you had come to our panalist discussion that Thursday evening, you would find that we basically give detailed answers to most of your questions as well. Just recap something briefly:
1. Teaching style:
Principle based: with less case study but encourage you to question/challenge/discuss, and to apply what you learn to the actual life. The homework is tough as it is not always to recap what is taught on class but actually based on the principles you have learned in class.
Flexibility: You can decide what you learn yourself. The school will have some pre-requisite restrictions and some guidelines on your selection but it is still the most flexible curriculum in U.S.  In addition, you are free to choose your study group for each class while some schools basically assign the study group for you.
2. Community
Very supportive. The second year students will help first year student from academic planning to recruiting. It is also the case among the first year students as well. We help each other in studies/recruiting etc.
Competitive. You will find people around you ambitious and proactive. In IPO Challenge (basically a game), many team stayed for the whole night. And it's the same in recruiting.
Fun. Gambling is a tradition among Chinese students in GSB. And alcohol must know TNDC.
3. GSB bring me most:
The probably strongest alumni network in Asia and China among top U.S. schools.
The classmates, many of whom will be my life long friends or partners in work.
4. Age
You may research the age range of the school on its website. There are people with 2 years experience I know in our class. But most people are above 3 years. The question is not whether the school will accept but whether it is a good timing for you to start b-school. Are you ready? And some companies also have requirements for minimum working experience when they are recruiting.

[ 本帖最后由 qiqi1918 于 2007-12-26 09:41 编辑 ]

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发表于 2007-12-26 19:43:50 |显示全部楼层
Thank you, Qiqi. Actually, I am in Beijing, so I did not have chance to take part in the panel discussion. So thanks a lot for you kindly help. Happy new year:)

[ 本帖最后由 Hello,Michelle 于 2007-12-26 21:19 编辑 ]

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发表于 2008-1-9 21:47:13 |显示全部楼层
Missing u
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