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发表于 2008-1-19 01:07:20 |显示全部楼层
Today is the R1 result release day at Duke.  I asked admission office to call those admits from China but at least didn't find any name that is familiar with me.  David, sorry for your result (if it is waitlist, you may still have chance to get off).

This year MBA application is really tough.  Last term I learned why the admission office admitted 8 auditors for our class of 2009 from China, it was just because that class of 2007 did a great job in internship haunting, especially in financial service industry, so the admission office was encouraged to recruit more accounting/finance guy for 2009, admission office would absolutely think about whether we can get a good job offer after graduation.

So dear bbyers, if you are still waiting, be patient.  And also it's not becuase you are not outstanding, you are not excellent.  Not your essay's fault, not bby's either.  I personally believe it's just becuase of downside of market which negatively influence the job market.   Let's all pray that next year the economy will turn better.

See the whole application process as a journey to discover the ture you, then you will be winner! Application is not about all your life, Best wishes to all your current job, life and family.


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发表于 2008-1-19 01:16:33 |显示全部楼层

Thank you so much for your help and encouragement! Absolutely we will keep fighting!
And we can build this dream together
Standing strong forever
Nothing's gonna stop us now

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发表于 2008-1-19 09:48:57 |显示全部楼层
Thanks, Richard. I got the reject mail from Duke. So lurvely to see ur words. It is kind of experience anyway.

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发表于 2008-1-19 16:36:13 |显示全部楼层
Thank you , Richard,

I'm on waitlist, so I'll try my best to get off, maybe I'll also need your help:)
身未动 心已远

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发表于 2008-1-20 00:21:03 |显示全部楼层
Deeply encouraged by your words, Richard! Thank you so much for your information~~~

And also all the best for your life there!
我只想要往前飞 能飞多远也无所谓
我讨厌在这里徘徊 我厌倦我流眼泪和后悔的滋味

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发表于 2009-12-12 22:37:59 |显示全部楼层

回复 31# 的帖子

Hi, Richard,

I have some personal questions of applying for DUKE Fuqua. Could you please give me your email address? I would like to discuss with you by email. Thank you.


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发表于 2012-5-3 16:33:48 |显示全部楼层
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