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《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:康奈尔大学商学院 host by Yifan [复制链接]

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发表于 2007-10-19 14:45:42 |显示全部楼层
Dear all,

Cornell B-school is a wonderful school and Yifan is a great woman!

Many of you must have met Yifan while she was still in Shanghai. She is one of our former teammates and now studying at Cornell. She is willing to help our current teammates with questions related to Cornell.

So, I suggest that Yifan help answer questions about Cornell here at the forum. For the general questions, she will answer here, and for the private questions, especially for those who are applying to Cornell, Yifan can give additional help either though phone or email or through us. So, let's filter out the general questions here first at the forum.

You can get her email address or even phone number later from JuanJuan, Wei, and/or me.

Thanks to Yifan!

So, guys, just ask your questions about Cornell by replying to this message.

Yifan says she can come here very other day. :p


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发表于 2007-10-19 15:55:07 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:康奈尔大学商学院 host by Yifan

My Dear good old friends and new BBYers,

It's 3:30am here in US.and I am still wide awake to attend the opening ceremony of my little world thanks to the opportunity given by Jinbo:)

I'm glad to offer some help to everyone who is interesed in Cornell. See you soon!

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发表于 2007-10-19 17:56:50 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:康奈尔大学商学院 host by Yifan

Hi! Yifan.

Thanks a lot for squeezing time to help here.

How do you feel at Cornell so far? Do you mind describing course workload and career actitivities for us? What are the course assignments like? How much are case method teaching in class? What job opportunities and industry connections are available at Johnson?


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发表于 2007-10-21 16:38:22 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:康奈尔大学商学院 host by Yifan

Hi Michael,

The life at Cornell for the last two month is quite overwhelming. Besides the heavy workload, there are many recruiting career activities along the way. One month after the school starts, the first job fair kick off. The recruiting event starts quite earlier in Johnson. Till now, all the IB and consulting firm and other big coporate have done the coporate briefing. Like all other top bschool, job opportunity is very broad but lot of people focus on finance and consulting.

One thing to note is that Cornell is famous for its strong acadamic focus. The situation applies to MBA as well. You really have to study hard to get a decent grade. There are three core course for each term, accouting, marketing, microeconomics for first term, strategy, coporate finace and satisticcs for second term. Case method are more used in marketing, statistics and stratedy.

Hope it helps.

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发表于 2007-10-22 09:30:21 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:康奈尔大学商学院 host by Yifan

Thank you!

I have some questions about Entrepreurship in Cornell.
Cornell is also famous for entrepreneurship. What entrepreneurship activities can a first year student engage in? Is entrepreneurship perspective involved in all courses? Is it very competitive for students to engage in BR Venture?


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发表于 2007-10-26 14:09:26 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:康奈尔大学商学院 host by Yifan

Hi Sorry for the late reply.

There are lots of entrepreurship activity going on in Cornell. We have private equity and entrepreurship immersion focusing on the sector. I don't think it's that hard for students to engage in BR venture as long as you have a good application pacakage. For me, I applied to BR Incubator and now engange in an interesting consulting project for an start-up company focusing on renewable energy.

But frankly, I do think school in westcoast like Stanford, UCLA have more entrepreneurial atmosphere compared to schools in east cost.

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发表于 2007-10-26 14:34:03 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:康奈尔大学商学院 host by Yifan

Thanks a lot.

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发表于 2007-11-9 15:14:38 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:康奈尔大学商学院 host by Yifan

Hi, Yifan,

It seems that Immersion Learning is a unique selling points of Cornell. Do you have any idea or any experience on it?

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发表于 2007-11-13 13:52:43 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:康奈尔大学商学院 host by Yifan

Please view the blog, a real first year MBA life here(PS, Jeff is my buddy in a BRI consulting project and he was previously a writer for small business & entrepreneuship section at business week

Hi lynn,

As for immersion, it's an intensive program tailered to better prepare you for the internship. Acually, you can also customize. The highlight of each immersion is the different practucum. For example, for investment banking immersion(IBI) and Capital market and asset management(CMAM), you will spend week in Wall street and meet with the high profile senior mgt, ect.

One of the Johnson School's greatest strength is the ability it gives students to customize their experience. You have the ability to take all the classes you want or need in finance, marketing, operations, or consulting regardless of the immersion you choose especially for SGE( sustainable global enterprise immersion which is more flexible and into a concept) At the end of the day, the only real choice you make when choosing the immersion is deciding which practicum you believe you will get the most value out of.

In fact, we are in the process of immersion bidding and the deadline is due tomorrow. I have made up my mind to take CMAM immersion because I am very interested in wealth management now.

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发表于 2007-11-14 10:42:27 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:康奈尔大学商学院 host by Yifan

Hi Yifan,

Thank you for the information!

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