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《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:Babson College MBA host by Linda [复制链接]

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发表于 2007-11-14 20:41:24 |显示全部楼层

RE: 《BeBeyond Alumni友情在线问答》:Babson College MBA host by Linda

Thank you, Linda! That's very informative and helpful. Wish you all the best in Babson!

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发表于 2007-12-17 11:05:28 |显示全部楼层

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Dear Linda,

Thank you very much for your help! I did know Babson better by your help.

I'm Angel. Now I'm applying for Babson Two-Year MBA online.

I have a question about recommendation form. According the step4 of online application, the recommendation forms should be submited by mail. However, I called Babson MBA Admissions and one of officer informed me that there is no need to submit any document of recommendation by mail, if I apply online. That makes me confused.

My question is: Must I send recommendation forms by mail, if I apply online?

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发表于 2007-12-17 11:26:29 |显示全部楼层
usually, when you submit online, you can request your recommend to submit online too. because the system will send an email to your reference to request them to submit the recommendation letter.

I mailed my recommendation letter because my letters are all in CHinese and they were translated to English. So I need to send both original version and English Version.

BTW, this year, you need to submit your application earlier.

A very good start to call admission officers. A good way to communicate and gain more information is to proactviely connect with people. Continue with your effort! You will success!

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发表于 2007-12-17 12:06:48 |显示全部楼层

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Dear Linda,

Great thanks to your prompt reply!

I'll submit my application at the end of this month. Is it a bit late?

As I know, it is great help to have a visit to Babson and have a interview. But it is too expesive for me to fly to America. What can I do to have a better communication with Babson, besides submiting my application? Now, I'm waiting for Babson MBA Admissions arrangement for speaking to one of admissions on phone.

I took my GMAT test last month and got my score 620. Is it too low? My AWA score is extremely low, only 3.5. Would it be the drawback to apply for Babson? If it would, what could I do to help?

I feel a little upset that the number of Chinese students is quite small. Do you know the general admission selective rating and accepted rating of Chinese applicants for Babson Two-Year MBA? It's highly appreciated that if you could provide me class profiles of previous years.

How many pecentage of international MBA student could receive scholorships/grants?

The creative curriculum of Babson attracts me. At the beginning, I planed to apply for several MBA programs at different US. universities, after compared their curriculums, however, I believed that Babson is the right place for me to improve my entreprenureship and made up my mind that I would only apply for the Babson Two-year MBA. Therefore, I'm very curiosity about Babson. Any Babson information you provided is great help for me. Would you please send me any information which you think would be helpful? Welcome you to share your experience at Babson and your feeling about Babson with me. Thank you very much!

Best regards,
Angel Yang

[ 本帖最后由 Angely13748150 于 2008-1-3 09:46 编辑 ]

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发表于 2007-12-17 21:11:26 |显示全部楼层
Hi, Angel Yang: welcome to apply Babson.

Babson is an extremely supportive community. Every member here focuses on helping each other rather than competing with each other. I feel extremely happy to be here. Just imaging that when everyone is busy in preparing their final exams, I still get many people’s help for my personal questions. One student even spent nearly one hour with my accounting questions. Another example is that before our presentation for BCAP project, our team member helped me with English, correct my grammar and accent one by one. They listened at least 20 times of my rehearsal before presentation. I made huge improvement. If you are in a very competitive environment, few of people would lend their hand, what will be your feeling? Of course, I will always give a hand to classmate when possible.

There are both pros and cons if a school gets too many Chinese students. Here in Babson, about 150 students each year. This year, we have 6 students from China. But one thing is important, do not calculate the percentage. Each person is unique. Show your best qualification that you can. To everyone, the percentage will be 0 or 100 rather than 50% or 30%. If you think the score is not competitive, show your language by speaking and writing. You cannot change anything that was a history or redo it. But for sure, you can improve anything not done yet to best.

Always thinking positively is another lesson I learned here. In China, we always think what I cannot do and what my weakness is. It only makes us unhappy even if we did a lot and improved a lot. Here, I was appraised very often by my teammates, even a tiny improvement. The result is that I can be very happy with everyday’s going. If I can keep a happy mood for all the two year, I may change my life attitude. If I can keep a happy mood for all my life, that will be fabulous. And who know what will be happen next?......

Another truth is that Babson has a good location. It is very close Boston but in a small town. It takes about 40 minutes to downtown Boston by T, train. It will be easy for you to find an intern or job here and keep an easy mind in a small town for study. Another truth is that in Boston, there are so many good schools, Harvard, MIT, Boston College and Boston University. We can exchange with each other for different experiences while we are seeking job opportunities in the same market. You need to present your uniqueness to stand out from so many talents.

Your application is not too late. I submitted in March 15 2007. And even later for other school. That is too late. If the school has already admitted some person with similar background of you, the chance that you will be admitted will be extremely low. Good luck with your application. Let me know anything I can help.

[ 本帖最后由 lindawen1 于 2007-12-17 21:24 编辑 ]

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发表于 2007-12-17 22:03:45 |显示全部楼层
刚看了你写的不抛弃,不放弃. 很有感触。而我在Babson 学到的恰恰是要懂得学会放弃.对于我来讲是一个非常难的决定和选择.

作为一直是一个执着追求完美,凡事都想追求完美的我来讲, 第一学期的课程, 恰恰就是教会我要放弃,才能获得更多。当你面对做不完的功课,当你面对诱人的同时开始的几个information sections 或者presentation, 只有定下心来,静心地参加一个才能有所收获。时间是有限的却不可能参加所有的活动,看完所有的书。Best using of time efficiently and effectively is the key to survive for theMBA life.

Choosing the thing you want most when you have too many choices. Let's have a look of real business world, you cannot solve every problem. Then choose the most critical. You cannot meet each person or clients, then you should choose the most important.  Giving up will be the main issue. then choose what you really want.

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发表于 2007-12-18 10:59:59 |显示全部楼层

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Hi, Linda,

Yes, everyone is unique! Thank you very much for reminding me to be positive and focus on the advantages! If you cry for the lost of the sun you will also miss the stars. I'll get rid of the negative thinking and try my best to present my unique background and potential.

Hope to see you at Babson next year!

Best wish to you!

[ 本帖最后由 Angely13748150 于 2007-12-19 10:25 编辑 ]

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发表于 2007-12-18 18:33:32 |显示全部楼层

a confused university student

Now i am a fresh student in highschool,but i find what i am study now really disgust me a lot.
What i like is economic,so  i find it hard to develop my interest in what i am study now.And
I do not like it very much.
.But if i wanna change my maijor,i have to study it well .But after the mid-term
test, the  result is not  very  satisfying.I  am very sad , and don`t   know  how to do .
Who can help me out of the situation which i am in now?

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发表于 2007-12-19 18:46:06 |显示全部楼层
niuhuajun: if I am not wrong, your question is that you like economic rather than the major you have now and want to transfer, right?  If you have choosed your direction, congratulation because you can know your direction and intrest now rather than after graduation. It is a good thing. I ever met some people who found after worked many years, they dislike their job but have no idea what they really like. That is not the only problem of you. It is the prrblem of Chinese education system.

Anyway, Congratulation to you first. Secondly, a mid-term test is not a big problem even if you did not get a good result and you think it is a problem now. Talk with your professor and school and try to find out whether there is any other way to transfer to the major you want. Do your best to network to communicate rather than only holding sad feeling alone. Even if you cannot transfer to the major, you can learn it by yourself or take class without credit.

To me, I found I love to deal with people rather than machine/ technology/computer in 1996. I hated to operat machine without speak for all day. That is boring. I took every chance to help my friend for her startup company while I did all my best for the job I do not like. At a result, I was the top technical people that time and got the chance in the company to be a semi-marketing people as project manager in 1999. Till the end of 2000, I was a sales and marketing people with strong technical background and could explain and tailor service for clients better than other people. That was one of the reason that my clients trusted me most and till now they are my good friends. Please imaging, if I gave up the work I dislike and transfered myself immediately to the sales or marketing job, I might not have so strong technical background, and then may not earn customer's trust so quickly. Everything has two sides.

Transfer the worst into the best. And enjoy today because it leads you to the tommorrow your heart belongs.

[ 本帖最后由 lindawen1 于 2007-12-19 19:06 编辑 ]

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发表于 2007-12-24 10:15:35 |显示全部楼层
Merry Christmas!
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