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发表于 2008-2-22 17:04:28 |显示全部楼层
Dear Abao,

I cannot understand you mean. Now you are in Shanghai University for taking its MBA program? Or other master program? Or you think that HKUST didn't give you an offer three years ago just because you had your undergraduate education in Shanghai University?

As far as I know, HKUST MBA program would not reject people just because their colleges are not first-tier. Maybe you didn't prepare enough at that time, i.e. you didn't figure out why you want a MBA education. If you really know how an MBA program can make you thrive in your career life and know how to convince people, I think you can get in.

Sorry, you didn't say very clear about your background. Maybe I didn't answer your question. If you can provide me more info, maybe I can help you better.

Good luck.


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发表于 2008-2-23 00:02:46 |显示全部楼层
Sandy ur so nice... Thanks for your reply.
I am now an third-year student of SHU and tried to apply for HKUST business school three years ago as a high school graduate but i failed. Now i plan to work for 2-3 years after graduation from SHU in Shanghai and apply for HKUST MBA program because i always believe that studying in HongKong my destiny.

Well, as you said, HKUST didn't refuse applicant from non-famous univerisities, i would say iam glad to hear that. Actually, the campus scenery strongly impressed me when i visitied HKUST last year, and i know that HKUST is a globally-famous univerisity. I'd like to ask what kind of people would HKUST MBA prefer?

I know it might be a big question but i really want to make a plan for my career in the orientation of MBA program. Thanks Sandy.


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发表于 2008-2-23 23:41:32 |显示全部楼层
Hi Abao,

I am surprised that you plan your career so early. That's very good.

But I think now it's too early to know whether you need an MBA or not. Here in HKUST MBA program there are all kinds of people with different personalities, background, and career goals. I don't recommend people to apply MBA without persuading themselves why MBA is crucial for their success.

It's too early to say that you would need an MBA education after working 2-3 years. You can be very successful even  you just hold a bachlor degree.

Hope it helpful for you. Good luck!


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发表于 2012-4-1 12:30:00 |显示全部楼层
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