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Arnold's Adventure Starts [复制链接]

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发表于 2008-1-25 07:59:23 |显示全部楼层
在Nancy JJ的鼓动下,帖一下我的美国之行。因为要一直travel,所以时间有限...

Sorry guys, for these days, I've been to too many places, and I realize I have little time to sum everything up. If you want to know more about my life, please go to my facebook. I'm gonna recap my life in California as follows:

因为后天要到USC 参加一个MCB+PIBBS的联合面试,所以我需要赶紧准备,后面还有其他的学校。需要联系教授。不能详尽......
Let me give you my cellphone, 424-217-0612,算好时差,随时都可以打过来。很抱歉邮件一般会回复很慢,因为突然发现北大邮箱到这边非常不好用。

ok, let give recap quickly!
1。 在加州,和NY, chicago都不一样,没有车,没有手机寸步难行。所以在这里先感谢UCLA和USC的朋友们照顾我,让我能够在这些天体验一把彪悍的人生。

So far, so good. 1 interview with Chairman@UCSD bioengineering. 这里给大家一个我自己的感受,聪明永远不等于明智。到了米国发现很多东西是我们在国内不曾注意到的,不曾想到的。LA is so different from New York. New Yorkers are sorts of tough people, but LA people are like free-thinker. 在San Diego, 你可以看到一个企业,产业,大学,实验室,咨询所,数据库一体化的学术产业链。在这里我第一次visualize了一个bio-engeer可以实现的价值有多大。总有人说, I don't want to be an engineer, or applied scientist, I wanna be a bussinessman to make money. Well, I'd like to say, they are wrong, they are totally wrong!!!!!! 给大家推荐一些homework, UCSD的engineering school的endowment是 Jacob, USC的engineering school的endowment是Vertibi。看看这两个人都干了什么。Even though financial job is quite gainful today, but for those who really want to challenge the life and value themselves, being an engineer or applied scientist will never be a secondary choice, even for money!!!! 我只是想推广“做一个engineer”的成才理念,因为在未来,这是精英人才主流,至少我觉得。

For school choices, it doesn't matter if you go to UCLA, Berkeley, or Cal Poly, or Cal State. I want to be the person that I should be, so do not matter school. 至少我觉得travel一次,可以让我长长见识,看的更远一些。

我想总结一下,也算是对自己的鼓励。I went to a conference, let me show you some video about it, hope it helps you know what's going on there?

我第一次在美国travel: I left my footprints to
LA: LAX airport, Santa Monica, UCLA, USC, KoreanTown
San Diego: UCSD, Pine Valley

我第一次在加州吃到Mexican Food, 特别是Bridle (Chicken, Beef)
我第一次认识了来自Berkeley, USC, UCLA, Cal Poly等学校的无数朋友。
我第一次体验了San Diego为什么适合人类居住。

So many my first time, I love California, but remember you need to find a car or a driver first!!!!!

Arnold Ju

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Stay Hungry,Stay Foolish.---Steve Jobs

Never Give Up……

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