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发表于 2008-7-27 12:08:46 |显示全部楼层
As a graduated student, here collect some thought for the new mbas who may experience something similar in their next two years....

As a 1st year, u should not take youself as someone , and the truth is in the really world , not many body take  u as someone, so be realist.

As a 1st year , u should know that there may be lots small things that annoy u every day ,but u will only remember some thing big after u graduate, so no caculate to much , and remember what you are looking for all the time.

Also, u should know u heart wont change much because of the two years in B-school,  so ...... it hard for me to say....  just realize that , It helps in many situation

Jinbo or wei, sorry to see no post  for Wharton in this board.  count me in if you need . I will try my best to answer questions about  life in Wharton.



[ 本帖最后由 Jas_wharton08 于 2008-8-14 03:54 编辑 ]

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发表于 2008-7-27 15:27:59 |显示全部楼层
Hi Jas:

Firstly, I should give you tons of thanks! Thanks for your voluntary.:)  

I am Lin, the MBA  advisor in Shanghai workshop.
As you have known, many applicants have begun to prepare the 08 applciation.
Absolutely, we will appreaciate your information and instrucations about Wharton.

Actually, I like your saying very much "Also, u should know u heart wont change much because of the two years in B-school,  so ...... it hard for me to say....  just realize that , It helps in many situation"  
I believe that we can maximize our performance if we are clear what we can not achieve,right?

Let us share more, guys!


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发表于 2008-7-28 10:21:54 |显示全部楼层
Hi, Jas

Great advice above!!! Nice to see you back and your sharing here!

How is everything with you? Yeah, we actually should have more Wharton students or alumni answering questions. But I also fully understand that almost all of us are very busy.

Btw, we had a wonderful Party in early July and there were quite a few earlier teammates who already graduated and are now in Shanghai attended. Alex and Lou from your team both showed up at the party. Both are doing great!

We definitely need your kindly support! Also if you keep a blog or whatever kind of writing about your study or life in the States, we welcome you share with us. And we can help publish those if you would like to.  Did not see you for long! When you will be in Shanghai, please let me know! :-)

best regards,


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发表于 2008-7-31 23:11:12 |显示全部楼层

long time no see.

Lin , thanks for the note,  i can answer any questions about the school in this board or this post. plz let you applicants know and post their questions.  
Wei, long time no see. wish you guys in Shanghai have tons of fun.  sorry I did not blog school life much. yeah.. i should . .. maybe i will do it someday in a book called : "Wharton inside out "  how about the name ?? hahaha~~

i think i have something to share to the workshop, let me start from answering quesiotns.. . I will check the website and quesitons much often later.   say hi to alex and lou.  pingping should also in shanghai these day,  i am talking more with Lunar these day,  hopefully , we can make the Vegas trip next week. ..  

take care~~~ ( btw: you pic in facebook is fantastic...)

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发表于 2008-8-1 00:45:58 |显示全部楼层
Hi Jas:

Great !

I will put your post on the top together with other schools. So I will adjust the topic.
Absolutely, this post will be hot!:)

Thanks for your contributions!


[ 本帖最后由 Lin 于 2008-8-14 07:44 编辑 ]

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发表于 2008-8-13 17:05:11 |显示全部楼层
Thanks a lot!
Jas,hope you to post some pictures of the campus.'
Could you please tell me how is the career services of the business school ?
Thank you!

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发表于 2008-8-14 03:53:15 |显示全部楼层
Wharton has very structured career management department for student. They start to help student evaluate their interest and personality since the second week of you first semester. . And, mentor program helping to improve your resume start even at the first week!
Through the first semester, you should expect hundreds of EIS (Employer information session) in all kinds of industries were arranged to you by them. Students can also arrange private appointment with the adviser in specific industry to know more about the “FIT” ;
By the end of the first semester, you should be fully ready for the industry you interested in and after one week winder break, you will experience a two week DIP week that is for 70% + first year to settle their intern in next summer. The companies comes to DIP week will almost cover almost all top companies in all industries; I think Wharton career MBA management team should take a credit for that.

However, you do need to understand that you may fail or out in DIP and watch other peers to celebrate with their offers, career management team can , but most of time, offer limited help beyond the school service and advices. I do hear some student mentioned he hate the department because they can not help him to locate a intern.. that is true, and I don’t think even god can guaranty that

Best luck

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发表于 2008-8-15 10:55:32 |显示全部楼层
Thank you very much, Jas!
U have provided me much useful information.
By the way,could you please tell me does EIS of the business school
cover the FMCG industry?
Because nowadays I am a Managemt Trainee of a world-renwoned FMCG company.
I have been addicted to this industy.
Thanks for your attention.
Best regards,

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发表于 2008-8-20 09:21:41 |显示全部楼层
sure..... one thing you may need to know , FMCG industry nomally dont sponsor international student , that means if you want stay US after graduation in this industry. that is difficult

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发表于 2008-8-20 16:42:41 |显示全部楼层
Thank you,Jas.
I understand the high cost of living in USA.
However,I always dream of studying in USA.if I can't stay US after graduation.
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