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Welcome to BeBeyond Global Alumni Network! [复制链接]

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Hi kk~~



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Dear BBYers,

It has been a long time since I created this BBY Global Alumni Network and now we have 55 members! You are encouraged to invite other BBYers to join us.

The main reason for creating this group is for us to get connected both professionally and personally. I know that many BBYers in US have graduated recently. Some of them have got a job and some of them are still looking for job opportunities or internships. Here I encourage people who are looking for jobs, post your job objectives here (include your background, preferred location and what are you looking for) so that others can help when opportunities arise. You can also build some job hunting teams with BBYer who are located close to you. For people who are employed now, you can post the internal openings at your company here.

By giving and asking for help, all of us can be benefited and be more successful.

Thanks for your time and support and let me know if you have any suggestions for this group.

Best Regards,
- Claire

Sorry for the BBYer not in US, currently I would like to focus the job discussion mainly in the North America area. If you think it is necessary, we can create a subgroup for job hunting in US, China or Europe.

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发表于 2013-1-29 10:02:51 |显示全部楼层
RE: over 500 members now!
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