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Thank you guys!!! Thank you BeBeyond!! [复制链接]

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发表于 2009-4-12 13:41:50 |显示全部楼层
I really enjoyed the offer storm after the rejection thundering, but the invitations from excellent schools made me nearly drowned---which one to select, which one is the best, and which choice will not let me down...

NYU, UMass Medical School, DUKE, City Of Hope...I can not decide which one is better, each one has its merits, but I did rejected the first one and the last one without thinking twice. Offer from DUKE, the last offer and maybe the best one for most people, really greatly distracted my bias for UMMS initially, and the fame of DUKE nearly lured me to accept its invitation immediately. I still remember the hard sleep the night I got the offer email from DUKE. I never got into sleep till 5 o'clock the next morning.  All people knowing me nearly got crazy for my achievements. Telling this good news to my friends in mother University, I was regarded having created another legend since the foundation of Shandong Normal University...So many congratulations, so much approval, and so heavy a burden, and so bright a future that I nearly failed to see the road ahead. Indeed, it was the offer from DUKE that brought all of these things to me.  Either school is excellent in at least one field. I asked many advices from people in China and the US. Students from either school showed me the weak points of that school while professors always trying to show the best. Apparently, the final decision is upon myself.

Since most people definitely prefers me to select DUKE, I would have to check whether the research ability of DUKE MGM program does match the big name of DUKE. However, after knowing more from those guys rotating in labs of Duke MGM and the papers published by PIs there and their research fields, I got set back that I might be able to get in such a big name school now, but no much brighter could I imagine my future post-doc fellowship and position hunting in US universities and the final goal to be a world-renowned scientist. The research Triangle in North Carolina is a fairly rare place most suitable to study, work and live. This opportunity to go there is also badly precious. I never doubt the uncomparable overall education and academic atmosphere at DUKE, but I kept trying to remind myself of my current status to be PhD student not an undergraduate, to expect in the long run. Although this reason is weak and could not disguising my favor of UMMS, I really could not find better reasons to reject DUKE.

Just at this moment, Dr.Joel Oppenheim, the admission director from NYU shared his views as of the choice between these two school:
1,If you are planning to go back to China after completing your PhD and postdoc in the US, then you are much better off by going a big name school like Duke.
2, While the research in your area of interest is stronger at U Mass, everyone would agree that the overall program at Duke is better.
3, Overall the faculty is stronger in most areas of biology at Duke as compared to U Mass.
4, Wooster is the second largest city in Mass. And is only 2 hours out of Boston, so it really is not that isolated, but here is definitely more to do in the campus rich area of the Research triangle. The research facilities at U Mass are excellent and modern. The campus is only 35 years old with lots of new buildings. Duke’s campus is much more spread out and is in a park-like environment.

Still, the final decision is upon myself.

"Follw your own heart" our dear big brother Gerry suggested. Yes! follow my heart, this may be the best solution. UMMS is the very one holding me back, but DUKE is the just one attracting me forward. Geographically, however, UMMS lies much closer to Boston and New York, which both are the best choice to take post-doc research. I would favor to buffer at UMMS and accumulate much more energy to make a even greater jump to MIT or Harvard. Ha...Ha...Just kiding. Although there are a lot more to do in the research triangle than in UMMS as Dr. Joel Oppenheim said( UMMS even does not have any sports facilities). All these things, if I really need them, might be able to reached through other ways in UMMS. But the world-famous PIs in my interested field may not be able to find in DUKE. Definitely, going to UMMS is a risk and there are still a lot of uncertainties lying ahead, but whether this is worth risking? Of course Yes! I have make a decent plan about my future five years. If all things go smoothly, the future, as I currently could imagine, would be much brighter than that if I went to DUKE.

I still remember a famous word from someone unkown: Sometimes one have to go back in order to get ahead.

Up to now, all the twisty moments and unhappiness before have almost been untwined and terminated. Everything is clear, bright and full of energy, now!

I would like to give my gratitude to Dr. Joel Oppenheim, Dr.Victor Ambros, Dr. Chengqiang He, my family, my friends, all the people who have always been supporting me through the hard monments I have experienced. Especially, I would like to thank our dear big brother Gerry, Yao Peng, Dai Rong, the Guys in Nov Class and all other people in BeBeyond. Without you, I may not be here.  Thank you!

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发表于 2009-4-12 14:56:57 |显示全部楼层
Are you from Shandong Province?

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发表于 2009-4-12 17:36:25 |显示全部楼层
Yes, I'm doing research in SIBS now.

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发表于 2009-4-16 10:59:15 |显示全部楼层

We haven't watched your kong fu show till now........
Celebrate your people's success, not your own.

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