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我最佩服的学员之Linda [复制链接]

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发表于 2009-4-29 10:19:05 |显示全部楼层
原帖由 lindawen1 于 2009-4-29 08:42 发表

Babson College真的是非常特别的学校。 今年毕业典礼May 16 的guest speaker 不是商业领袖........而是一个盲人, 登过世界七大洲的每一个最高峰, 喜马拉雅只是其中一个。

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发表于 2009-4-29 11:05:06 |显示全部楼层
原帖由 isaac 于 2009-4-29 09:53 发表
IMDb上评分尽管只有5.3,我相信他们是从拍摄角度来给分的 :)

It took a blind man for me to see., 18 June 2006

How can this true story be anything but  ...


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发表于 2009-5-3 19:13:19 |显示全部楼层

大家都是放弃了还算过得去的现状去追求学习和提高,也主动选择了困难的煎熬, 我们都没有什么可害怕可失去的,努力积极地去做每一件事。呵呵,这是我的感悟,也算是自勉吧。
warrior or worrier?

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发表于 2009-5-5 07:52:17 |显示全部楼层

What does entrepreneurship really mean?

Done with all my exmas and papers and preparing for the commencement on May 16. I would like to share some of my thoughts for entrepreneurship.

Below is the speech, I gave at Babson Toastemaster. Share with all.

What does entrepreneurship really mean?

We, as Babson students are very proud of our program to be the No. 1 entrepreneurship program for 16 consecutive years. But did we think of what the real entrepreneurship means

I want to share one story I have heard in China. While in American, we can have VC firms to invest your idea and company, in China mostly, we can only have our own salary to invest for young entrepreneurs without credibilities. Some one really seriously talked with me entrepreneur not only means you need to work 24 hours a week but means you business decision over your family and kids. When you want to get a loan from a bank, you need to givebank your apartment as collateral loan. It means if you failed, your family, your wife or kid will live on the street the next day. Will you do that as an entrepreneur?
If you failed, whether and when you are willing to begin you new venture again?

Realistically, as an MBA student, we want to put ourselves in a safe nut to pay our loan or put us in the sailing boat to follow the heart. I do not know the answer right now, but I want to review what I have learned at Babson and what is meaning of entrepreneur first.

To me Entrepreneurship means: be stupid, be crazy, be passionate, be perseverance, be determinate and be perfect, no matter when, where and how.

To me Entrepreneurship means: never be discouraged, be depressed, be beat and never give up!

Entrepreneurship is an inner power that supports anyone to have innovative thinking and acting at any economical cycle.

Entrepreneurship will lead people toward social responsibility to benefit publics from innovation.

Now the answer is very clear to me, no matter where, when and how, Babson gives me the seed of entrepreneurship no matter to be an innovator in a corporation or an owner of my own start up. Entrepreneurship has been in my heart, in my soul and will be in all my life! I will follow up my heart and follow my soul.

Dear all, when you sit here nervous about summer internship or a full time job offer, did you even think of what entrepreneur really means to you? Did you think of how to take the opportunities and leveraging the Babson resources?

Take entrepreneurial actions right now, do not let people tell you what should not do, but do what you want to do. Entrepreneur is to ask forgiveness rather than to ask for permission. Just do it, right now

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发表于 2009-5-5 08:31:02 |显示全部楼层
Entrepreneur is to ask forgiveness rather than to ask for permission.

Let me think over it...:)
Thanks for the sharing!

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发表于 2009-5-5 12:57:25 |显示全部楼层
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