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Living tips in INSEAD [复制链接]

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发表于 2009-5-7 16:11:50 |显示全部楼层
I am trying to add tips bit by bit... slowly. Hope it helps to those who will start their life in Fontainebleau...

(The unit: EUR, unless otherwise specified.)

If you are lucky to get internet already supplied in the house, just skip reading this. If not, please go on. Here you don't have many choices for Internet. There are Orange (livebox), SFR(Neufbox), and maybe some others. They all serve similar packages: Internet+fixed line telephone+TV channels. Orange is the most expensive, 39.9 per month and may require a 12-month tenure without termination fee. I am using Neufbox, 29.9 per month, no min. tenure but when I need to terminate the service, I need to pay extra 40.

To apply for the internet, you need to go to one of the stores who sell mobile phones. There are a number of stores on Rue de Grande. Maybe you can apply by yourself on the internet if you can read French (no English version).

Then you wait. Several weeks later (depending on your luck, ususally 10 working days, but in my case, 50 days), you will get a mobile msg to let you pick up the devices at a nearby tobacco store (Tobaco). There should be two boxes, one is... what shall we call this, the internet box itself, and one is for the use with the TV set. I got only the one for TV at the first time. Very complicated story how I try to find the other box from the Tobaco store and phone house... in the end, it turned out that the staff just forgot to send the other box to Tobaco. So I waited for another week to get my Internet setup. (Tips: To be efficient, if you have problem with the internet, CALL the service hotline of the Internet service provider. If they don't speak English, find someone speaking French to help you.)

As included in the 29.9 per month, you can use the fixed line telehphone. You can call the fixed line in many other countries for free (including China). And if you want to call China mobile phone, you can use this IP number: 0179992008.

But to make fixed line phone call, you need to buy a phone set. The cheapest one available in Fonty is 30. (If you want to buy a cheap small-size one from China to bring it here, don't forget to bring the line along with you.)

Alternatively, you can stay at the school library as late as you want. It opens 24/7.  Some people do that.

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发表于 2009-5-7 17:33:51 |显示全部楼层
Very good tips! Thanks, Lillian!

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发表于 2009-5-7 18:00:13 |显示全部楼层
我刚才还在网上跟Jessica聊呢,说我们BeBeyond Workshop的四大美女都在INSEAD。好棒!美女就该去法国。:)

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发表于 2009-5-7 18:10:34 |显示全部楼层
原帖由 Lillian70 于 2009-5-7 16:11 发表
Then you wait. Several weeks later (depending on your luck, ususally 10 working days, but in my case, 50 days),

50 days? France is different! And difference is good!


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