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My U.S. East Coast Tour - Part 1 [复制链接]

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In a summer morning in June 09, we went on an airplane to start our journey for the famous East Coast Tour of USA. There were five of us, my two kids, my parents, and me. Therefore, two elderly plus two kiddos were all under the command of me alone. Piece of cake, I thought. We are going to have fun and I won’t have to worry about anything since we are going with the tour guide from travel agency.

I was wrong. It is not an easy tour for me at all. Going on east coast tour with travel agency is exhausting especially traveling with kids. We have to get up very early in the morning like 6am, and come back to hotel late in the evening like 10pm. It would be 12 am each night when my kids and I finally go to bed. Both the kids and I didn’t get enough sleep and the kids got grumpy during the day especially on the tour bus when we travel from one place to another. Luckily, I brought the Game Boy Advance for them to play games when they get bored, which served as their pacifier once in a while on the tour bus.

We visited seven major cities/places within our 6 day tour – New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Hershey’s Chocolate World, Corning Glass Center, Niagara Falls, and Boston. The place we enjoyed most, however, is the Hershey’s Chocolate World, Corning’s Glass Center and Niagara Falls. Mostly, it’s because those are the places kids enjoyed most.

The first day, we visited New York City. Yet I didn’t enjoy the tour in New York City very much.

First, it was raining hard that day. We brought umbrella and raincoat, but still got wet.

Second, the time for our sightseeing is too limited. there are so many places to see in NYC, I would imagine that it could take a whole week to have a good look at those tour sights in NYC. Yet we spent only one day and one night in NYC to finish those tour sights. And we only get to have about 1 hour to enjoy each place and we pay full price for the ticket. Therefore, it is more like completing a task than enjoying the tour sight. What I hate most is when we visited Metropolitan museum around 4:30pm that day. The moment we went in, my 5 year old boy got fussy and demanded me to hold him because he was not so interested plus he was sleepy. After holding him for a while, I couldn’t stand anymore, so I decided to go back to the bus to get the stroller for him. That worked well. So we took him in the stroller and walked around in the museum. After we took some pictures of the mummy, we rushed to the second floor to see the Chinese art. On the elevator, the staff told me the museum would be closed in about 15 minutes because they close on 5:15pm that day. So we rushed to see the famous 敦煌壁画, and some paintings, and then we had to leave. You would imagine what a rush we were in. It was a great and big museum. I would think even two days would not be enough for me to really take a look at those great art. Yet we spent only less than an hour with the full price tickets.

Third, we had a terrible experience at the United Nation Headquarter (I’m not blaming the place itself). On the way to the UN, the tour guide told us that we’d better leave our all bags or purses on the bus because there’s security check in UN and we cannot take any bags or purses in except cameras. Therefore we didn’t bring anything with us except cameras and umbrellas. I guess the tour guide said we had to come back to the bus at 12:20pm. But I didn’t hear about the time clearly because the kids were making noises. My dad thought he said 12:50pm. After walking around there for a while, the elderly and kids wanted to go to the restroom. It took us a while to find it because it is downstairs. After we came out, we suddenly found that there were no familiar faces around us anymore. We looked at the time, it was 12:30pm. We began to worry and rushed outside to find the tour bus. It was still raining hard and our tour bus was nowhere to see. You could imagine how panic I was. I didn’t bring my purse, or any money or my cell phone where there’s tour guide’s phone number. The kids started to fight each other shouting and running. My parents looked as worried as I was. The rain was still pouring. Are we going to be lost in the midst of NYC? Yet God is a merciful God. He helped my dad memorize in his mind the tour guide’s phone number. He let my mom bring some money with her. So we went back inside the UN and called the tour guide using the payphone. We survived. The tour guide told us to take the taxi to a place called Central Line where he would meet us. He said everybody in our tour except us were now on a cruise to see the Statue of Liberty. We missed it since the cruise left at 1pm and the next cruise would be at 3pm. Therefore, he took us to the next tour place – the USS Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum. And that’s the place we got to see and play for two whole hours.

Last but not least, all the pictures I took in NYC were in vain. I didn’t find out about that until we got home. All the pictures I took the first two days are actually short videos. Silly me, no wonder the camera seemed odd those first two days whenever I tried to take a picture. I was actually taking a video when I thought I was taking a picture. Luckily, some guy who was taking a picture for us found out about that and fixed our camera, without us knowing it. If it is not him, all the pictures we took in six days would be in vain. Isn’t God a merciful God?

To be continued...

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