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Much Ado about Nothing 无事生非——大城小爱 [复制链接]



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发表于 2009-7-15 23:34:32 |显示全部楼层
When I firstly fixed my eyes on this girl, I was shocked to numb. It was on that Kendo (Japanese sword craft) class that I met her.

She looked angel like with a Caucasian nose, cute brown curly hair, and dark sparkling eyes widely opened, totally out of my league. The class was long and physical and I didn’t spoke a single word with her. But through the first sight of her I knew that I had fell in love with her.

It was the end of September; therefore I was driven mad for preparing the GRE Test. So I had a good reason to avoid speaking with her. However, after the GRE what shall I do? Find the will to restrain my heart from seeking a probable unrequited love, or find the courage and follow my heart? To bee or not to bee, that is a question.

After a long and tough struggle with the vanity inside, I finally followed my soul and asked her telephone number from the Kendo master. I checked her blog at To my strike, she comes from Taiwan, a tiny island with so much love as well as grudge with the mainland. My friends suggested me stopping my action and withholding the love. But I set up my mind to take a risk.

I knew I would feel miserable if I failed. I knew I had more than a thousand reasons to give up. But I simply could not stop feel regret, if I let go of this compass love which is so pure and so innocent that I may never meet again my whole life. So I sent a massage and asked her for a date. She didn’t remember me at all and didn’t know who I am, but thanks to the Internet and She checked me out and started dating with me.

I was afraid that the distance, both physical one and spiritual one, even accent would be a great gap between our heart. However, we get along well with each other. In fact we talk nearly everything we know and think.

This summer we went to Qinghai together and had a very good time there.

To the day of 25th, August 2009, we will haven been together for 1 whole year.

I am in the Graduate Workshop of Bebeyond and applying for a further study. She supports me. And plan the future with me together.

It is hard for a boy from the main land to be together with a girl from Taiwan. But we ARE together. We are so in love that we are planning a future witch last for good.

It is hard for me to apply, but who knows? Anything is possible on the land of hope, isn’t it?

It is hard for the two parts of China shelve disagreement and work together for the happinese of all Chinese, but who knows? If we, two small potatoes, can shelve disagreement and be together, in the name of love, why can't anybody else?

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发表于 2009-7-16 10:46:51 |显示全部楼层
Beautiful story! I believe finalliy ,you'll be together and live a happy life!

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发表于 2012-5-10 10:18:32 |显示全部楼层
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